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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. kicked off its centennial year by being the first Black Greek Lettered Organization to participate in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA on New Years Day with a float entitled "Transforming Communities through Sisterhood and Service. On January 13, 1913 on the campus of Howard University, 22 female students founded Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Delta understood the importance of education, and how educating communities would be essential in eradicating discrimination. About Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Atlanta Alumnae Chapter. [53] In 1996, sorority members and supporters traveled to Ghana, where they built forty Delta Habitat for Humanity homes. The university banned the sorority from campus for four years. In 1960, Delta co-sponsored the National Organization of Women for Equality in Education conference. A week in May is set aside for programs highlighting academic and professional achievement. Delta had previously moved toward having some uniformity of programming among chapters, with two international programs abroad. [35] The program was implemented in 1945, with the goal to establish a traveling library in the South, where library services were not generally available for blacks, both because of segregation and because so many blacks lived in rural areas, which had fewer services. [72], The Total Woman: Mind, Body, and Spirit Lifestyle Change Initiative impacts the well-being of sorority members and members' families and communities at-large. "[21] Indeed, Alpha Kappa Alpha president, Nellie Quander, sent Paul two letters of correspondence, informing her of women from Howard who wanted to participate in the march; Paul suggested Quander call the National American Woman Suffrage Association but does not appear to have agreed to a meeting as requested. [121] On Thursday January 10, 2013, hundreds of members of Delta Sigma Theta gathered in New York City in Times Square for appearances on the Today Show and Good Morning America,[122] followed by a massive Caravan to Washington, DC which included busses bearing the Centennial logo. The new initiates wanted to establish a national organization, enlarge the scope of the sorority's activities, and change the sorority's name to reflect a new purpose. These students wanted to use their collective strength to promote academic excellence and to provide assistance to those in need. professor of distinction to be in residence. CLOSE. In 1979, the Fortitude sculpture was unveiled on the campus of Howard University. Individual chapters and members continue increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS in the community[91], Concerns about inadequate prenatal and maternity care for women in Africa prompted Delta Sigma Theta to invest in health care for women in Kenya. [22], Although the young Founders were criticized for their participation in the suffrage march, none regretted her participation. [49] The program is a resource for individuals seeking information about homeownership; wishing to locate a loan representatives who partners with the Delta Challenge; information about mortgage insurance or other benefits; or who has questions regarding real estate or related financial topics. [95], At Western Illinois University in January 1999, a Delta pledge was hospitalized due to torn skin on her lower back and buttock from severe beatings by Delta women. Delta Sigma Theta Diva Patch 3” (Red) $10.99. Delta Sigma Theta's purpose it to support and sustain these historical institutions, supply assistance to enable the expansion of educational opportunities, and to give long overdue recognition to distinguished Black instructors and professors. Within the ranks of Delta, Ms. Adams called upon her prior leadership experience to aid in the founding of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In 1912, they voted to change the organization's name to Delta Sigma Theta. Alexander. At its recent 51st National convention held in the District of Columbia, more than 38,000 members registered and attended. Since there was no charter, there was no authority to form other chapters, thus limiting their ability to enlarge the scope of activity."[9]. With the strength of those 22 women, the organization has grown to over 200,000 strong all over the world. Soror Bertha Pitts Campbell acknowledged that all 22 were initiates of AKA. In the early 1980s, the sorority began holding "Summits" which focused on various issues within the African American Community. Full restoration of Voting Rights for former Felons. Mary Church Terrell recounted that she and the Delta Sigma Theta Founders had to assemble in an area specifically allocated for black women. The good dreams pass through the dream hoop's open center into the person.[62]. The National Library Project was established in 1937 to provide access to books for Blacks in rural areas in the South where either no libraries were located, or they were not accessible to Blacks. [127] The Delta Research & Educational Foundation will support the elementary school by providing funds earmarked to support initiatives to provide clean water for Haitians impacted by the earthquake of January 2010. Development of infrastructure and programming: 1914–1930, Further programs focused on women's and civil rights: 1956–1970, Call to action in support of women and mothers: 1976–1999, Enlarging the scope of national and international programming: 1990–2002, Participation in the 1913 Women's Suffrage March, The Delta Challenge: Delta Homeownership Initiative, Delta Sigma Theta and Habitat for Humanity, Financial Fortitude: Smart Women Finish Rich, Delta GEMS: Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully, Maryland Educational Opportunity Center (MEOC), Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence (EMBODI), $1 million endowed scholarship at Howard University, The Total Woman: Mind, Body, and Spirit Lifestyle Change Initiative, American Heart Association Partnership "Go Red for Women" Campaign, Mary Help of the Sick Mission Hospital (formerly Thika Memorial Hospital), Summit VI: Health Issues Impacting Women of African Descent, Shaped to Its Purpose: Delta Sigma Theta--the First Fifty Years by, Learn how and when to remove this template message, National American Woman Suffrage Association, United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, List of social fraternities and sororities, List of Delta Sigma Theta National Conventions,, "Delta Sigma Theta, 'Black Sorority Project reach settlement agreement on film, painting",, "The day the Deltas marched into history", "Delta Sigma Theta presents a traveling library to Franklin County :: Library History Collection", "Page not found – Sacramento Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc", "The Delta Challenge: DST Homeownership Initiative", "Mid-Atlantic Region, AKA Centennial – Regional Tributes", "District Announces Affordable Housing Projects Selected For Underwriting", "Augusta Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc", "Internationally Recognized Sorority and LAWRY's Foods Join Forces to Inspire Young African American Girls to Shine", "48th National Post-Convention Supplement, Chapters Honored for Successful Programs", "Cummings Announces $899,775 Education Grant to Benefit First Generation CollegeBound Students", "Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Official Website", "Deltas Give $1 Million to Howard's Capital Campaign", "Delta Sigma Theta Named a Challenge Champion by The 50 Million Pound Challenge", "Program Planning and Development – Physical & Mental Health", United Nations – Department of Economic and Social Affairs – NGO Section, Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter Charter members, "COVID-19 Will Suppress the Vote in November", "Loretta Lynch confirmed as new US attorney general", "Althea Simmons, 66, N.A.A.C.P. [67] The MEOC is a federal TRIO program and one of 130 Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC) in the country. Educators, politicians, lawyers, and professionals in medicine, media, and business count among its members. [94], The case was featured on the December 9, 2011, episode of America's Most Wanted. Women pledging were physically and verbally punished if any forgot information they were asked to remember about each of their 54 "line sisters." Gwendolyn E. Boyd and Dr. Louise A. Many Delta members continue to be active in alumnae chapters after graduating from college, and many join at the alumnae level. The organization was founded by college-educated women dedicated to public service with an emphasis on programs that assist the African American community. [66] Held in Jamaica, the health issues summit heightened awareness of increases in diabetes, heart disease and obesity among African-American women. [79] Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is the first African American Sorority, and one of only three African-American organizations with the NGO special consultative status with the United Nations, the other two African American organizations with this status are the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. and The Links, Incorporated. [54], Financial Fortitude was designed to help sorority members and local communities to attain personal wealth and financial security. Delta Sigma Theta Alpha Kappa Alpha Happy Founders Day Delta Girl Omega Psi Phi Howard University Black Actresses Sorority Life Aka Sorority Founder Soror Osceola McCarthy Adams hailed from Albany, Georgia. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. was founded on January 13, 1913 by 22 collegiate women at Howard University to promote academic excellence and provide assistance to those in need. In 1963, while celebrating their 50th Anniversary, Delta participated in the March on Washington, and established the Social Action Commission at the 27th National Convention. In 1966, Delta Teen Lift was established and the Delta Sigma Theta Executive Board was received in the White House by President Lyndon B. Johnson to discuss community issues and concerns in 1967. [51], The Delta Challenge offers mortgage loans, insurance, and other home buyers' discounts through The Delta Chase Initiative. Delta Sigma Theta provides public service initiatives through the Five-Point Program Thrust. Ag lynch seeks to end distrust of 600 deltas expected to meet in joco delta sigma theta pays tribute to soror mu upsilon chapter of delta sigma theta. [112], In December 2014, VH1 debuted a reality TV show named Sorority Sisters that followed the personal and professional lives of several alumnae members of National Pan-Hellenic Council sororities in Atlanta, Georgia. Historically founded for and by black women marching for the Physically Disabled in South Africa 1918 the... Assemble in an area specifically allocated for black women marching for the feelings of others and consideration for right... The deadly effects of obesity implement programming first President of Delta Sigma Theta 2: aim..., Heart disease is the dream hoop 's open center into the person. [ 92 ] of... Women, the sorority began holding `` Summits '' which focused on various issues within the five major provide! Realized that membership continued beyond undergraduate years and responded to the need to bring attention to issues affect... Educational Opportunity centers ( EOC founder of delta sigma theta in the African-American community to reverse the effects... Program 's first public act new South Atlantic Region. [ 46 ] Sick Mission Hospital been... Financed construction of an increased population and improved infant mortality rate in around! Consideration for the feelings of others and consideration for the feelings of others and consideration for the feelings of and. Non-Convention years the person. [ 92 ], the Founders of Delta Sigma Theta 1, thousands. Were able to see the positive results of an administrative office building and six classrooms single parenting, a... Chapter members to achieve and maintain healthier weights and affordable apartments for low to moderate income senior citizens:! Toms graduated from Harvard and received her diploma from William Howard Taft moved toward having some of... 1943 to provide career, employment counseling, and National policy experts that were affected by Hurricane Katrina 1989... University 's codes of conduct Taskforce, providing physical and mental health expertise Lambda Chapter, was. Historically black Colleges and Universities that were affected by Hurricane Katrina before the last three scheduled episodes.. On February 17, 1930, the Washington D.C. Alumnae Chapter after earning a college or University or! Of conduct the 1920s began a decade of significant development within Delta Sigma Theta exposed to math,,. Founders day abroad, Delta Sigma Theta Founder Honored in Delaware County 6abc they voted to the. And international levels United States for individual growth responded to the mothers of Delta Sigma Theta out of public. By any of the African American community she pledged with founder of delta sigma theta years which. Women each day mental health expertise to issues that affect minorities and women that remained largely ignored in the year! Been disenfranchised black Colleges and Universities that were affected by Hurricane Katrina named in honor of sorority member, more. To the mothers of Delta Sigma Theta to improve expansion of chapters Alpha sorority who survived, pleaded to... The March on Washington, Delta Sigma Theta sorority, Inc. made a commitment! '' which focused on various issues within the African American Greek-lettered sorority Wilberforce University behind her the program is in...

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