clinical pharmacist skills

Alternate for emergency room pharmacist assisting physicians with drug information and performing medication reconciliation. What can a pharmacist bring to my practice and how will I show a return on investment? Find out what a clinical pharmacist assistant does. Clinical pharmacists need to pay close attention to detail and should have a firm science background. We'll go over features of EHRs such as computerized provider order entry, clinical decision support, documentation capabilities, and medication reconciliation. Managed prescription fulfillment and patient counseling in numerous departments including Customer Services, Clinical, Expatriate and Controlled Substances. Detect, monitor, Monitor and order appropriate labs for disease states including Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Thyroid Dysfunction, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Anemia. Insure accuracy of all clinical information submitted for prior authorization review within guidelines of Center of Medicare & Medicaid Services. Ensured that proper documentation is completed for all medications, with particular attention on controlled substances. Experienced in verifying and checking compounded intravenous admixtures, including chemotherapy and parenteral nutrition, and knowledgeable in aseptic technique. Participate in clinical teaching rounds with house staff internal medicine team. Verified daily cart fills to patient units and other dispensing units such as pyxis loads. Maintained liaison relationship with management to achieve collaborative solution to problems to maintain healthy relationship with employee and management. Provided clinical parenteral nutrition support, including writing orders and monitoring per pharmacy approved protocol. Double-checked clinical pharmacist's work by reviewing their output of pharmacy prescription labels, drug calculations and TPN calculations. Monitored PT/INR values with dosage adjustments as necessary. Comply with all state and federal laws and JCAHO and HIPPA regulations. Evaluate and verify CPOE for appropriate indication, dose, drug-drug and drug-disease interaction. Make sterile solutions and check parenteral nutrition bags. 9. Leveraged evidence-based medicine, utilization CMS criteria and clinical guidelines to confirm optimal utilization management was provided for all appeal requests. End result:88% reduction in pediatric medication errors. Practice includes working closely with pain management doctors and workers compensation benefits, monitoring patients and keeping good records of narcotics. Are you interested in clinical kidney, pancreas and... Palliative Care Always is a specialization for health care practitioners, patients and caregivers. Conduct medication history interviews with patients in emergency department and clarify orders as needed. Deliver qualitative assessments of internal controls and best practices serving as a Medicaid Auditor. Recommend medication changes based on labs, culture results, medication interactions, renal function, and liver function. Executed therapy interventions by communicating with health care providers regarding recommendations or findings. Conduct and evaluate medication histories, individualize medication regimens using sound principles. Facilitate refills of maintenance medications with providers using Internal Medicine Protocol. Practiced state-of-the-art USP-797 compliant sterile IV admixture procedures. You might have heard or read online from many advisers or counselors that you need to have pharmaceutical skills to get job or to get promotion. Developed department's clinical preceptor program for UB Pharmacy School Students. Performed pharmacokinetic and renal dosing for nursing facility residents requiring such services. Facilitated implementation of fingerstick INR lab device. Provide pharmacological information by answering questions and requests of health care professionals. Document and maintain electronic patient profiles and all clinical activities accurately and completely. Monitored warfarin therapy through follow up of INR lab results and adjusted dose accordingly. Create drug monographs for P&T committee for infectious disease and critical care related drugs. Maintain inventory for investigational drugs, and maintain appropriate storage of study drugs per protocol, FDA and JCAHO requirements. Started the pharmacy medication reconciliation process in the Emergency Room Department. You'll be introduced to the factors that contributed to the move from paper records to digitized records and who the most common vendors are. Preceptor-trained pharmacy interns, graduates and foreign pharmacists. Perform monthly consulting audit for free standing emergency department, making sure rules and regulation are being followed and maintained. Registered pharmacist preceptor to PGY1 residents and Pharmacy interns per ASHP pharmacy residency program standards. You will learn what palliative care is, how to communicate with patients, show empathy, and practice difficult conversations. Reviewed all parenteral nutrition orders, in order to guarantee that the appropriate nutrients and electrolytes were requested. Screened new patient profiles to evaluate the validity and safety of medication orders (new and refills). As a pharmacist, we aware that medicines could be dangerous if wrongly dispatched or mishandled. Reviewed physician orders for appropriateness and optimal drug therapy. Analyze labs, medication regimens, and cardiovascular imaging/procedures to implement a treatment program for patients. Work with the hospice residence interdisciplinary team to ensure effective and cost efficient pharmaceutical care of patients with limited prognosis. Direct involvement in CMS and internal audits including Program Audits, Data Validation Audits, and MTM program audits. Manage INR's of 165 patients at the Elk River clinic at least monthly. Developed Medication therapy Management programs and guidelines to help improve Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Star Ratings. Provide consultation services related to pharmacy services for medical and legal professionals. Provided pharmacokinetic dosing, anticoagulant monitoring, renal dosing, IV to PO conversion, antimicrobial stewardship. Perform central distribution processes including order entry, accurate dispensing of medications and providing recommendations to physicians. Provided clinical consultation for nurses regarding multiple disease states and symptoms associated with the dying process. Presented to Diabetes Education Support Group. Also, computers are helpful for easier storage of customer data, inventory counts, billings etc. Educate patients on chronic disease states, proper administration of medications, and provide medication management to support positive patient outcomes. Used pyxis for drug inventory, distribution, and narcotic inventory control. Review pharmacy and medical utilization data monthly for Medicare Star rating and display measure optimization. Assist pain management team in converting patients from Patient Controlled Analgesics to oral analgesics. Managed all aspects of the oncology pharmacy including mixing chemotherapy, ordering medications and maintaining the budget. Served on the CPOE Preparation Board, collaborating with members of the medication administration panel. Worked with the Quality Management Department to prepare the hospital for JCAHO accreditation. Provide monthly information to clinical staff and pharmacy staff on new P&T Committee decisions. It is duty of pharmacists to communicate with patients regarding dose of administration, when to take and how to take medicines. Ensured therapeutic and safe anticoagulation by following patient INR levels daily and providing recommendations as needed. Established pharmaceutical care protocols in support of reimbursement changes and improved clinical outcomes. Led a 6 month vendor sponsored diabetes education program, and taught a 3 hour group diabetes education course. Educated physicians and clinical staff on accepted practice guidelines. Advised and assisted with pharmacy resident research project that involved determining the impact of clinical pharmacists on managing patients with hypertension. Provided comprehensive medication reviews and targeted medication reviews for select Medicare patients. Completed prescription orders and educated patients on medication regimens within a primary care satellite clinic. Humans are naturally known to make mistakes, but Pharmacist should be accurate in his work, because it’s matter of life or death. Assisted with the compounding of sterile products for use in the home-care patient. Rotate as a decentralized pharmacist; perform anticoagulation monitoring, antimicrobial stewardship management and Vancomycin protocol per pharmacy. Provide total parenteral nutrition services. Conducted pharmacokinetic consults and coordinated with medical teams to provide patients with optimum drug blood level monitoring. Pharmacist Duties & Responsibilities Expanded PGY 1 Residency Elective Goals to include exposure to Pulmonary Hypertension and Cardiac Transplant patients. The top three keywords employers use in Clinical Pharmacist job descriptions are Pharmacist appearing in 18.93% of postings, Clinic 18.93%, and Pharmacy appearing in 16.67%. Designed and developed reports using Golden and Business Objects for PBM clients, network pharmacies, and CMS. Upon passing the Pharmacy Technician & Clinical Skills course assessment, you will receive a professional certification that is recognised all over the UK and internationally. Provided clinical literature searches and citation support for complex chemotherapeutic regimens for a 7 office community oncology practice. Mentoring skills Hospital and retail pharmacists have opportunities to precept pharmacy and pharmacy technician students. Communicated with nurses and physicians several times daily to resolve medication inquiries and ensure optimized medication regimens and dosing. Reported critical lab values and conditions necessary per JCAHO and ACHC standards. The material is meant to provide the student with core knowledge that is essential for current primary care providers caring for transgender patients. Complied with state/federal laws and USP standards, including controlled substance regulations set forth by the state and DEA. Monitored and participated in Drug Therapy Management per pharmacy protocols when patients were receiving Vancomycin and/or the Aminoglycosides. Participated in attaining JCAHO accreditation and other organizational goals. Provided Medication Therapy Management (MTM) to patients from diverse backgrounds who required individual medication and health interventions. Verify physician orders for oral and intravenous medications and make appropriate changes after communicating with the physician. Educated physicians and nurses about new medications and less expensive alternative medications for the same disease states. Educated and provided guidance to Medicare/commercial members, providers and pharmacies by directly responding to questions and simplifying complexity. Provide clinical drug utilization management, formulary management, and business support to key internal and external stakeholders. Clean IV hood and perform sterile compounding compliant with USP 797 standards. Maintain and operate automated dispensing machine PYXIS MedStation. Carry out a comprehensive review of patients medications, examining for drug interactions/dose checking/therapeutic drug monitoring/and other intervention criteria as required. Reviewed Medicare Part D request by applying utilization management criteria* Ensured appropriate patient safety. Staff education on patient safety and recognition of potential medication errors. Established exceptional working relationships with physicians and nursing agencies through regular interactions related to patient care. Worked at a Medicare Part D insurance company performing coverage determination reviews. Control and supervise the entire clean room production according to USP 797. Authored several articles on disease states and medication treatment for company newsletter that supported an audience of up to 6000 employees. Kidney transplantation is a major advance of modern medicine which provides high-quality of life for patients with end-stage renal disease. Managed diabetes outpatient therapy as a physician extender for patients referred for pharmacist management at Diabetes Center. Create medication pathways for oncology bundled payment project. Review new FDA approvals to identify new chemical entities for review. Recommend therapeutic and effective pain management regimens, antiepileptic and bowel protocols as well as palliative sedation when appropriate. Head of medication safety committee: developed training modules to improve employee competencies and ultimately reduce medication errors. Navigated regulations provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to determine correct billing of. Conduct Formulary Management and Drug Utilization Reviews. Adjusted weekly dosing of Coumadin on all patients to facilitate their INR goals. Provide in-depth academic and clinical expertise to medical … Implemented Medicare Part D program and managed all regulatory requirements. Provide clinical support for the PBM call center. Dosed and prepared chemotherapy agents for a variety of indications within the oncology pharmacy satellite. Provided HIV medication therapy management lesson plans and power point presentations. Designed reporting tools to measure success of clinical interventions as well as individual productivity and role expansion. Participated in hospital-wide code blue/emergency response situations. Evaluated/monitored physicians' orders for transplant, oncology and skilled nursing patients. Provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care to oncology patients through integrated drug distribution, clinical services, research and teaching. Entered physician orders and verified physician order entry medications. Assist in efforts to recognize and reduce adverse drug reactions and medication errors. Assess Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) and patient files to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of therapy. Develop and maintain strong relationship with interdisciplinary teams to provide quality patient care. Analyze diagnoses to establish FDA approvals. Multitasking Ensured the execution and delivery of all pharmaceutical care activities in alignment with VA-approved protocols. Interpret medication orders and/or prescriptions for drug interactions, appropriate drug selection and appropriateness. What used to be an experimental, risky, and very limited treatment option more than 50 years ago is now routinely performed in many countries worldwide.

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