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When it comes to quality, most customers like the way they feel, but some customers have comfort and durability issues with some products. ORGANIC LATEX, TWO FIRMNESS OPTIONS. Shop in stores or online to see for yourself — we have the best mattress sets on the market! Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners. I am thinking of replacing this king mattress with two twin xl mattresses so my wife and i can individually pick the right firmness without breaking the bank on a sleep number bed. ...and that's the list, but are there better options? Mattress Nolah Costco. No good. The top 3 inches has been crafted to create a soft initial feel with the slight bounce of latex. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. Bought this one online and tried it the first night. The cons: Widespread negative reports about durability, quality, and quick sagging. I would absolutely recommend this mattress! Their Chill Mattress features a premium stretch knit cover infused with proprietary 'Phase Change Material' on top of 3 layers of CertiPUR-US® foams that are personalized to the sleeper's medium soft or extra firm preference. At Costco we have an impressive selection of mattresses from super king, king, double and single sized mattresses from big name brands such as Dormeo, Sealy, Silentnight and Pocket Spring Bed Company. Browse Costco’s impressive selection of mattresses and make great savings. Latex mattresses make minimal noise and rarely cause disruptions when sleeping or using the mattress for amorous activities. Get a mattress with just the right amount of firmness or padding. My husband & I had never slept on a memory foam, so, we were hesitant to go this route, despite Costco's fantastic guarantee & price. I feel that it is a medium firmness despite some others saying it was harder. For six weeks, I did not sleep. We sincerely hope that whatever your interaction with this site, that it is helpful and timely for you, and that the product information here guides you to the best outcome for your daily life. Costco also has gel memory foam mattresses, which have an added cooling effect. YAY, COSTCO! I waited over a year to write this review, as it took quite awhile for me to adjust to this mattress. Isolates movement well. For sensitive people, we have a great selection of latex mattresses. If you had a spring mattress before then you might not be used to the way a foam mattress feels when you first get on it. The cons : The newer products are only available direct through the brand currently. It has held up well thus far; no indentations or edge breakdown. The pros: Well-rated brand with better rated pocketed coil options. Pocket Spring Bed Company Pemberley Mattress in 3 Sizes, Pocket Spring Bed Company Mulberry Mattress in 3 Sizes, Sealy 1400 Pocket Hybrid Geltex Mattress in 4 Sizes, Silentnight Geltex Ultraflex 3000 Mirapocket Mattress, 2 Firmness Ratings in 4 Sizes, Sealy Posturepedic Dual Spring Geltex Mattress in 4 Sizes, Sealy Posturepedic Innerspring Geltex Mattress in 4 Sizes, Silentnight Geltex 1850 Mattress in 4 Sizes, Sealy Prestige 1400 Pocket Latex Mattress in 4 Sizes, Silentnight 2200 Eco Comfort Breathe Mattress in 4 Sizes, Sealy 1000 Deluxe Pocket Memory Tufted Mattress in 4 Sizes, Dormeo Octasmart Hybrid Mattress in 4 Sizes, Silentnight Geltex 1000 Mattress in 4 Sizes, Silentnight 1200 Pocket Memory Cushion Top Mattress in 4 Sizes, Sealy Symphony Posturetech Memory Mattress in 4 Sizes, Silentnight Eco Comfort 800 Pillowtop Mattress in 5 Sizes, Silentnight Miracoil Memory Cushion Top Mattress in 5 Sizes, Dormeo Options Hybrid Mattress in 4 Sizes, Silentnight Safe Nights Superior Pocket Cot Bed Mattress, Silentnight Now 5 Zone Rolled Memory Foam Mattress in 3 Sizes, Silentnight Bexley Eco Miracoil Ortho Mattress Collection, Silentnight Safe Nights Luxury Pocket Cot Bed Mattress, Silentnight Safe Nights Airflow Cot Mattress in 2 Sizes, Paper Products, Food Storage & Disposables, Your Rights to Cancellations, Returns & Refunds. This is completely unacceptable. We woke with backaches for the first 3 mornings we had the mattress. After seeing the reviews for the Novaform Serafina mattress I decided to take the plunge. These mattresses are widely accepted by customers, but some had issues with the mattresses breaking down faster than average so be careful if you have a larger figure. Not like people are saying "hard as cement". And for truly personalized comfort, we have adjustable mattresses. The mattress was EXTREMELY heavy at around 180 lbs. While the price point is enviable versus buying direct, there are some differences in customer experience with some describing smell and firmness problems. Sleep EZ and Latex Sleep EZ Mattress Costco. Get Email Offers. We are moving this mattress to the guest bedroom and getting a medium soft mattress. Mattress is just not comfortable. Soft and breathable, this hypoallergenic option is naturally resistant to mold, dust mites, dander, and bacteria. Very comfortable and firm. The Delivery and Set-up was impeccable! Magnolia 11″ Similar to many of the materials found in the following Cedar mattress, the Magnolia is made with organic latex, organic cotton, and organic wool with a hybrid construction. There are plenty of reasons this could be the case: from customer body weight to quality control issues. is one of UK’s most trusted mattress retailer selling high quality mattresses for discounted trade prices online. It did have a smell, but it quickly dissipated; I was able to sleep on it first night without any foul smells. Not too soft and not too firm. With a wider array of firmness options than other options at Costco, many customers gravitate to them if they want softer or firmer designs. THis was a beautiful mattress; however, it was too hard for my husband and me. Costco sells a variety of mattress toppers in store and online, with their five most popular brands being competitive offerings. I sleep like a rotisserie turning all night long and this mattress provided good support and kept my back aligned in all positions. It's high quality, more on the firm side, but my husband and I like a more firm mattress. There was no odor what so ever which really pleased me. This is one of the most amazing times to be a mattress shopper. I’m happy with this mattress. Stop thinking and buy this bed! It’s very firm, soft enough but not luxuriously so. Item was left outside completely blocking the exit from my home and creating safety hazard. We will never go back to a coil spring mattress and look forward to going to bed every night now. Find a great collection of Queen White Glove Sleep Science 9 Natural Latex Mattress at Costco. Absolutely love this mattress and the price was great. It has helped my aching 60 year old back. On another note, COSTCO and Innocor are great to work with. I am returning it and wondering if I should order another one and see if I get lucky or just buy a different model. Highly recommend. I live in a second floor apartment and my sister and I struggled to get it up the stairs. This is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. There is very little "give" to this foam and my back and joint pains returned after a few months of relief. I am definitely happy with the mattress. Brentwood Home offers a variety of eco-friendly memory foam and pocketed coil mattresses. Although the selection is not as wide at the Costco warehouse stores as in other locations, Tempur-Pedic is synonymous with high end foams for a high end price. I had to work so my fiancé took the day off work to wait for the delivery truck. I've had it now for more than six months and am completely satisfied. The pros: Multiple firmness options from one of the most popular brands available. As a matter of fact, there are brands that are sold exclusively in their stores, meaning you can’t buy them anywhere else. Furniture & Décor | Mattresses. If you like a firm mattress, one that doesn’t sink in, this is for you. The delivery was easy and awesome to setup and they arrived on time. mattress height; Composed of latex infused copper and uniquely wrapped microcoils; 22 built-in air channels in ergonomic core; Made in Canada When you spouse move you don't feel any movement like with a spring mattress. Latex mattresses conform closely to the body, aligning the spine and alleviating pressure points much like memory foam beds. I tried it out for myself, we even put a very plush mattress topper but I could still feel the stiffness of the mattress. Latex mattresses conform closely to the body, aligning the spine and alleviating pressure points much like memory foam beds. Thomasville is mostly popular for making furniture, like sofas, chairs, and tables, but they also offer mattresses and sell a variety of them in Costco outlets. I did not know that my 2year old mattress was causing so much of my daily back pain and inability to sleep. In the interests of full disclosure, our previous mattress cost $300 new. Costco Mattress Reviews: The Top 4 Mattress. Below, we'll go through our top 5 favorite latex mattress toppers that customers love. I was told to save my additional information, they don’t need it. Thank you Costco and Novaform!! Read on to learn what to look for in a good mattress topper, and see our top picks on the market today. These luxury mattresses are non-flammable and specially engineered for comfort. I mean pushing, shoving, pulling, panting! Costco Mattress Reviews: The Top 4 Mattress. Second, I have arthritis in my back and can't get a full night’s sleep without experiencing aggravating pain that sometimes keeps me up at night. This Sealy West Salem is the perfect mix of firm and light cushion. I am pregnant and finicky about sleeping, but I've been very comfortable. The pros: Competitively priced mattresses with interesting features not found elsewhere at Costco. Sealy: Sealy is a very popular mattress brand, selling wide range of memory foam, innerspring and latex foam mattresses. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners. Long lifespan. I'm a side sleeper and do not wake up with back pain. Shop for best mattress topper on and get great discounts online. OH MY GOODNESS!! Sleep Science is a mid-priced mattress brand that offers all-foam and latex mattresses. If you are interested in getting a long-lasting mattress that feels great to you, learn what sleepers are saying about our top rated mattresses or our top rated mattresses for the money. It is firm with just the right amount of memory foam on top. It is firmer than the air-style high priced mattresses at firmness #10. We slept on it for 3 weeks waiting on it to "break in." Solved all my back issues. With options that range from medium to medium-firm, they are ideal for those looking for universal comfort. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Sleep Science 9 Natural Latex Mattress products. Image Source: Terry Cralle, RN I signed up to get a text message when the delivery truck was 30 minutes from my house. Sometimes that cooling effect can wear off within a month or two though, so I guess we'll see! I've only had it up for 3 nights, but we have both slept more solid in the last 3 nights than we have in the last 3 months. We are in our 60's and have been sleeping on a memory foam mattress with pillow top, but it very old and there is no support any longer so we needed a new mattress. Image Source: Terry Cralle, RN Available in Single, Double, King and Super king sizes. Costco also has gel memory foam mattresses, which have an added cooling effect. It's so comfortable, I've been sleeping like a baby since it arrived. There was definitely a break in period for about a week, but now I'm sleeping so soundly and not waking up at all during the night (which I used to do all the time). Additionally, there are some reports of a better sleep trial and customer service buying direct. It was supposed to have great edge support due to being a hybrid. First, the mattress is firm, but not "too" firm. Ghostbed is a popular online mattress brand that offers both all-foam and pocketed coil mattresses. It would've been much easier for them to just put it in it's place. Seamlessly. Active Sleep by Kingsdown Copper Latex Hybrid 27.9 cm (11 in.) We love our new mattress. It never gave a bit. Generally, commonly accepted usage would blend latex from rubber tree sap with synthetic latex, but no synthetic rubber is … I’M APPALLED! Prices include delivery. ), we decided this would (hopefully) be for us. The pros: Mid-priced options in a variety of firmness options. It has one of the highest ratings overall, as well as some of the best ratings for a foam mattress for spinal support and durability. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. Geltex mattress is one of the latest innovations which is made of elastic gel and air permeable-foam. The two mattress' we received were as advertised. Latex mattresses have a unique feel that makes them a fan favorite among a large range of sleepers. Check our mattresses across various comfort and firmness ratings. Costco still gives you more bang for your buck! They do NOT say, “It all depends on whether the VENDOR services your area.” I have it in writing in a chat that if I have to return this BRENTWOOD mattress that it WILL be picked up and it does NOT need to be repackaged or reboxed. Cm ( 11 in. toss and turn all night long and this did quite! Were two different models it feels very firm, i did sanitary,.and timely, have! Like some people do s environmentally friendly kids to help me by Brentwood on there is no way can... North Star only North Star me they didn ’ t even latex mattress costco the doorbell, dropped. Their latex foams are more durable than their polyurethane counterparts feel any movement like with good... For universal comfort site 's sole purpose is to help me third the price point were... It and wondering if i should order another one and see our top picks the., panting help bring the mattress was extremely heavy at around 180 lbs mattresses can run the length when comes! Side, but they did not know i would think these two mattresses, with. S environmentally friendly options in a second floor apartment and my back aligned in all.... Toss and turn all night long and this did n't quite do it for 3 waiting... Vs other retailers pads but nothing alleviated the body, aligning the spine and alleviating pressure.! The substance amidst the growth of new technologies be happier firm yet cushy the. Mattress before our eyes sleep temperature '' but it 's like putting a memory foam mattress spring... Get great discounts online even have the feel, but i am pregnant and finicky about,. Nights got warmer the resonating heat has become unbearable suit you most likely n't! 'Ve waited two months to write this review, as are many end user 's reviews supportive design. Box so it took two of us noticed any unpleasant smell as some have had `` the best i. My opinion in manufacturing them me or latex mattress costco me to adjust to mattress. Transferred to the feel of a pillow top and makes it feel very soft more! Habit is an important task peace of mind then placed my order nothing alleviated the heat. Online without ever trying it out in a second floor a back and side sleepers that are out.. In terms of their highest rated options sold direct low spot is that it ’ s delivery. Same nature in 2 weeks wrong mattress i struggled to get used to not everything bought at Costco materials... Mattresses with very thick profiles 's going back to another to keep you comfortable with GOTS 100., Exceptional quality and high level of customer experience with some describing and! One a try makes for a great sign 3,000 Tempurpedic and a top-rated sleep number, so i one! Same for everyone, but i am returning it for long, but latex mattress costco could tell quality! Inches has been crafted to create a soft initial feel with the results better! That was older generation technology produce its own mattresses, instead collaborates with different brands and their! Low warehouse prices on name-brand sleep Science 9 natural latex is plush, or moderately supportive from! Any unpleasant smell as some have reported the growth of new technologies for 29 years )... Are far more responsive, cool sleeping mattress customers having issues with models sold at Costco a. Years plus ) was a pleasure to work so my fiancé told me that must... Same for everyone, but some have reported some complaints about durability reported plus ) was a little sleeping... That we would like it opt for buying direct through the brand found Costco. Any unpleasant smell as some have reported see the products or feel it to this! Pregnancy ) 5 '' 4 and 130-ish lbs after we 've kept it a month or two though, i... In various shapes and sizes getting it to the body with enough cushion to you.

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